Odysseus Newsletter - February 2016


Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the
dynamics of energy supply, demand and
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Newsletter: February 2016

Hello Visitor,

New Year, new Odysseus newsletter with our edition full of news on the project, events and update on the test pilots.

Odysseus Final Event - SBE16 - Turin - Towards post-carbon cities

About 150 participants attended the Conference and many of them raised their interest in the Odysseus session. The discussion was interesting confirming the importance of an open energy ontology for the Domain.

Audience also showed interest in demonstrated system functionality for monitoring and simulation of energy kpi at different level of granularity in the neighborhood.


Odysseus Pilot replication opportunity

We are working to launch new initiatives and proposals for Odysseus Pilot replication. The object is to increase green energy production or reduce energy consumption at district level leveraging Odysseus solution.

Register to access Odysseus project result updates at: http://www.odysseus-project.eu/pilot-replication.html and be part of it!

Odysseus Results

First results from the Odysseus project are now being released. Here's a description of some of the modules developed and information about their utilize for Energy Conservative Measures.

Odysseus Monitoring Tool
The Monitoring tool is a web application that provides access to the devices deployed at the pilot sites to support data collection device configuration. It shows the historical and current information (RAW information) the sensors obtain from the eNodes. The architecture of the monitoring tool is based on a Virtual Gateway (remote server - VG) that communicates with the Odysseus Cloud Platform through web services (RESTful) and a collection of e-Gateways in the field. The monitoring tool web interface provides a subset of graphical features to decide how to display the information retrieved from the monitoring devices. Among other options, widgets, charts, tables, and custom viewers can be selected.

Odysseus eConnect@tool
eConnect@ is a web application using Java Portlets for decision support making, in the mid and long term. This application reports to the stakeholders (i.e. city energy manager and facility managers) based on the information stored by the semantic service, the GIS service and the analytics services. Thanks to this tool the end users have a holistic view of the element under study: granulised from the sensors inside a building up to a high level vision through organisational divisions such as neighbourhood, districts, cities, etc.
It allows the user to have a wide view of the eNodes and their differing behavior, which is very difficult to obtain by other means, whilst at the same time leverages the capabilities of the dEPC data aggregation to view aggregated information that would otherwise remain hidden.

eveCity / DIMOSIM
The eveCity software is a platform which implements CityGML models and supports operational offers in a near future at the city or district scale. EveCity, in combination with DIMOSIM, are the tools in charge of applying simulation and prediction operations to the data stored in the dEPC.
EveCity software plays the role of the interface capturing the input parameters to be sent to the simulation module. Within eveCity, through a graphical interface displaying a map of the selected area, the user is able to perform several actions allowing him to simulate the energy behaviour of a single or a set of buildings over one year. By clicking on the various buildings in the district, the user can change their characteristics. This can be done “one time for all buildings” or one single building at a time.
Once these edits are made, the scenario can be stored as a for instance, a so-called “as-is” scenario describing the current situation of the district under consideration. A simulation can be performed based on these characteristics and via the corresponding items in the menu of eveCity. The eveCity module allows then the comparison between two scenarios. This functionality is for highlighting and measuring the impact of ECMs on a given initial configuration of a building or a district.

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