Odysseus Newsletter - January 2014


Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the
dynamics of energy supply, demand and
storage in urban areas
  Newsletter: January 2014  

Hello Visitor,

Here is the January 2014 edition of the Odysseus Newsletter with news on the project, events and update on the test pilots.

Odysseus at First Year Review Meeting appointment - Brussels 24 January 2014

The first review of the first three milestones of the project was held in Brussels on the last 24th of January.
Odysseus got key feedback from reviewers and European Commission. The Odysseus team is sure that these feedback will provide a good external guidance for getting focus in strategic objectives of Odysseus.
In this first year of the project we set up the basis for the collaboration and define the path to meet the strategic goals of Odysseus. As a result of the review the team will start to release project results on the website.
Please keep tuned in the following weeks and months.

Odysseus Results expected in 2014: be the first to get access to

documentsThis second year will be a key year for the Odysseus Project: many results from the Dynamic System implementation will be disclosed in 2014 and will start their way of recognition at European and standardization level.

Be the first with your organization to priority access these results by registering to the dedicated Odysseus WebSite area.

Coming Events

World Sustainable Energy Days
26-28 February 2014, Wels/Austria

Industrial Technologies 2014
Smart Growth Through Research and Innovation
9-11 April 2014, Athens International Conference Centre Megaron

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