Odysseus Newsletter - November 2013


Open Dynamic System

for Holistic energy Management of the
dynamics of energy supply, demand and
storage in urban areas
  Newsletter: November 2013  

Hello Visitor,

Here is the October 2013 edition of the Odysseus Newsletter with news on the project, events and update on the test pilots.

Odysseus at "ICT for Sustainable Places" - Nice 2013 - Odysseus Round Table

Odysseus Round Table workshop on Energy Efficiency at District Scale Level.
Interesting results arrived from the interactive workshop promoted by the Odysseus Project last 12 September in Nice within the ICT for Sustainable Place Event (Nice 9-11 September - 2013).

You can download the official presentation for the project held there as well as a report with overall results from the interactive meeting.

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Odysseus Pilots

pictureRome and Manchester districts pilot update Continue the description of the scenario for the two project pilots in Rome and Manchester for the adoption of the Odysseus solution in the two areas and best practices for future implementations in other districts and cities.

Among the project results the development of an "Integration Scenario" will detail AS-IS & TO-BE business cases/models featuring the energy infrastructure including all relevant energy nodes for the area of interest, all relevant activities, information, energy & energy flows (& the stakeholders and their supporting software applications).

Coming Events

ESoCE-Net Industry Forum - 2 Dicember 2013 - Rome - People Driven social innovation Rome, 2 December 2013
picture In cooperation with Odysseus Project the ESoCE-Net Industry Forum aims to provide some contributions to address the issues and challenges highlighted by the European Program HORIZON 2020, and, in particular, to provide Industry, especially SMEs as well as Public Administration with mechanisms and tools to profit from People Driven Social Innovation, especially for Health-Wellbeing and Energy Societal Challenges in Smart Cities in the Future Internet.

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